Saved by Softball
I too was saved by softball, this league. When I came here I just quit drinking and was looking for a non-
drinking activity to get into and the Friday nights worked with my schedule. My wife suggested I play with FCF.
Oh by the way it’s a “Church League”. You’ll have to go to church. Immediately my skin started to crawl. My
wife suggested that I just try it and if I didn’t like it I could just quit. Reluctantly I did. I was very cynical
but what I found was a bunch of great guys that didn’t try to beat me up with a Bible but taught me how to
carry myself through example. I was surrounded by regular guys who liked to compete but didn’t let that drive
their lives. I wanted what they had.  I lived my like with reckless abandonment and I wanted to be on that
stable rock. Now my family and I are fully committed Christians and very active in the church.
-Mike Dennis FCF
"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men."
- Matthew 4:19
We will certainly answer to a much higher authority one day! Not to be hyper-spiritual, but if this can truly
double as an evangelistic tool then the souls of men are in the balance. They MUST see the difference in our
league and our players.

As a testimony, we have a player who says this, “I got saved from playing softball with Liberty ” in our league.
Today he and his family are actively serving the LORD and very involved in church. I know that you were a part
of that!