FCSL Doctrine/Rules
To provide an avenue for fellowship among born again believers.
To provide a tool for evangelizing the lost.

Doctrinal Statement
We believe in the Bible as the inerrant Word of God, verbally inspired, the all-sufficient rule of faith and
We believe in one God, eternally existing in three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
We believe in the Virgin Birth, Sinless Perfection and the Bodily Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus
We believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins as a substitutionary sacrifice, and that all who believe in
Him are justified on the ground of His shed blood.
We believe that all who receive by faith Jesus Christ are born of the Holy Spirit and thereby become
children of God.

                               Special Rules, Policies & Variations from ASA Rules
                                                       As of 1/17/19

1.       The FCSL will not be liable for any injury or accident sustained by player or spectator on the playing

2.        League meetings will be comprised of one representative from each team in the league, and league
decisions will be based on a vote of those representatives.  In the event that less than the maximum
number of teams are represented at the meeting, then a quorum of at least 50% of league teams must be
represented for any decisions to be able to take place.  If the quorum exists, then those present will be
able to decide on league issues via a majority vote.

3.        The League Protest Committee shall be comprised of the Executive Cabinet including the President,
Treasurer, League Statistician and League Secretary. All disputes for which an immediate resolution
cannot be reached shall be referred to this committee, via the League Commissioner, for decision on
appropriate action.  In the event of a split decision, the League Commissioner shall cast the tie-breaking

4.        All protests and appeals must be filed in accordance with ASA rules and the following league rules: A
verbal protest must be filed within twenty-four (24) hours with the Commissioner.  If the Commissioner
feels the protest is warranted, he shall request a written protest to be submitted.  The Commissioner has
the right to settle any dispute in which he is an objective party, or for which he has agreement from both of
the managers in question.  If either party in the dispute is not satisfied with the decision of the
Commissioner at any stage in this process, they may appeal it, thus requiring a convening of the League
Protest Committee, which will then be scheduled by the commissioner.  

5.        Each participating church must be in full agreement with the FCSL's purpose, doctrinal statement,
policies and standards for game conduct.

6.        Team members must be males, fourteen (14) years of age or older before the first game of the

7.        All team members must be attending their team’s church(es) on a regular basis, or their presence on
their team’s roster must be approved and noted by the pastor of that team’s church.

8.        Each team is responsible to provide their own scorekeeper/statistician.

9.        Each team is responsible to provide their own playing equipment.

10.      Each participating church will pay a modest registration fee to help defray the cost of league
equipment, fields, umpires and trophies.  The Annual registration fee will be set by members of the league.
In addition to the registration fee, any newly admitted teams or any teams previously belonging to the
league but having been out for at least one (1) year and now being readmitted will pay an additional fee to
be determined each year as follows: The amount of money in the treasury at the beginning of the calendar
year divided by the number of teams returning this year rounded to the next highest $25.00.
(Example: $1524 / 19 = $80.21.  The extra fee would therefore be $100.00)

11.        Rosters must be turned in one (1) week prior to the start of the regular season.  Teams may add
additional players to the roster anytime during the first half of the season; contingent on the player signing
the appropriate waiver and the team presenting the league with the waiver and an amended roster adding
the player signed by their pastor.  At the halfway point, the team may only add existing church members,
new church members or players from a team that has been disbanded.   Players added after the beginning
of the second half of the season must either be new to the church or attend the church on a regular basis.  
Players can only be added after providing the appropriate waiver form and with a Pastor’s Letter
authorizing the addition of the player to the team roster.  The League Commissioner will advise the teams
what the halfway point is in the season prior to the first regular season game.  For any church having two
or more teams in the league, the Pastor may be on all rosters.   If a team is suspended from the league due
to forfeits, players from the suspended team may be allowed continue playing in the league on another
team.  The first consideration will be teams that have had problems during the season with having enough
roster players to avoid forfeits (i.e., any team that had incurred a forfeit during the season, with the team
having the highest number of forfeits being given first consideration).  The suspended team will notify the
league of any player from that team that would like to continue playing for the remainder of the season on
another league team.  The league commissioner will then notify teams, in sequence, that have had forfeits
if they would like to pick up any players from the suspended team.  The players from the suspended team
will be notified of the team(s) that would like to add them to their roster.  If the player declines, that player
cannot be placed on another roster for the remainder of the season.  If none of the teams that have had
forfeits want to add any of the suspended team’s players, then any team
can approach the list of players that want to continue playing.  The League Commissioner will notify the
teams when the players can be approached.  Teams will notify the League Commissioner on which players
they would like to add. Only those players that the suspended team had notified the league as wanting to
be placed on another team are eligible.  The final approval for assignment to another team of suspended
team players will rest with the League Commissioner.  The intent of first trying placement on teams that
have had forfeits is to try and increase roster size to avoid any additional forfeits.  Oversight over re-
assignment of suspended team players to other teams during the season is required to ensure no
competitive advantage is unnecessarily attained.  Any players added to a team’s roster from the
suspended team must be approved by the Pastor of the receiving team’s church before that player will be
allowed to play.

12.        The Pastor of each church must sign his church's roster, as well as any roster updates that occur
during the season.

13.        The manager of a player who has transferred from another church must notify the manager of the
player’s previous team to assure that the transfer is acceptable.  If mutually agreed, then the player in
question may be added to the new team’s roster, so far as it falls within the allotted time boundaries.  If the
two managers cannot agree, then the situation shall be brought to the attention of the League
Commissioner (it is suggested that if a manager knows that a player on his roster originally played for a
different church, that he contact the original manager to inquire about that player’s status.).

14.        The league is intended to be a Men’s Christian fellowship.  Women are not allowed on team rosters.

15.        Current slow pitch softball rules will be in effect (with changes/exceptions as voted on at league

16.        Each game (double header) will be opened and closed with prayer.

17.        Double headers of seven (7) innings each will be played all season.

18.       "We will play two double headers each in a one hour time period. Umpires must announce the
starting time prior to both games and both teams should write it in the score book. Speed up rules apply
for the entire game where teams run on and off the field. Umpires should help to enforce this by hurrying
both sides along and can ultimately eject a player for stalling to gain a competitive advantage. The one
hour time limit will be strictly followed with a timer and alarm. Upon reaching the one hour time limit the
game will stop once any play started prior to the alarm is finished. The results will be determined by
reverting back to the most recent fully completed inning. The only exception is if the home team is batting
and has taken the lead. If the home team is losing or the game is tied before the home team has finished
batting, the results will revert back to the most recent completed inning. There is no minimum inning count
required to be considered a complete game.

19.        Extra Hitters (EH) will be allowed.  Five Extra Hitters are allowed in the lineup.  The lineup may
consist up to 15 batters, 10 position players and 5 EHs.   If a team only has 10 players at the start of a game,
they may add an EH as the 11th thru 15th players arrive and add them to the bottom of the line up as long
as the team hasn't batted through the order. If they have batted through no EH can be added. If a team
starts with less than 10 players they can add players to the bottom of the lineup anytime whether they have
batted around or not.

20.        Free substitution will be allowed one (1) time per man per game and he cannot change his place in
the lineup. The substitution must be made by a player on the bench. The player that was substituted for
may re-enter the game later but the substitute is no longer able to enter the game. A second substitution
may be allowed due to extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the two managers.

21.        Starting times will be 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. The 8:30pm game should be prepared to start right at   

22.        If a team is not able to field eight (8) players within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled starting
time, the first game will be forfeited, unless: a) Due to extenuating circumstances, if both coaches agree,
then the 6:30 game time can be extended up to an additional 15 minutes, provided that both teams take
appropriate measures to conserve time for the remainder of their games, so as not to unduly
inconvenience the teams playing the late doubleheader on the same field, including waiving the 5-minute
rule between games.  If the coach of the team in danger of forfeiting knows for certain they will not have
enough players for either game it is his responsibility to let the coach of the opposing team know this as
soon as this becomes a certainty.  After 15 minutes have passed from the scheduled starting time, in this
case, then both managers and the umpire shall sign the book agreeing to forfeit both games to the team
with at least eight (8) players.  
As long as a Team has 7 of their own team's players they can pick up one or two players from another team
to help them that night get to 8 or 9.

If they have less than 7 of their own team members games are forfeited. (First game is forfeited after 15
minute grace period, Second game is forfeited after 30 minute grace period)

If they have 7 or 8 players they can ask their opponent to provide one or two players to get them to 8 or 9

You cannot add players from another team to get to 10 players. This is because we still want you to play
with a disadvantage, especially if the players you pick up are elite players.

You must first ask the team you are about to play to use their players first. They have the right to say NO. If  
they say no you can ask any other team including players who are just finished playing early games or
those sitting around waiting for the late games. But the pickup players must be on one of the FCSL rosters
in order to play.

You can't pickup a random person not affiliated with the FCSL. (Insurance reasons, this will result in a
forfeit of all games they play in.)

If a team pick's up players and then more of their actual team members show up during the game the
pickup players must stop playing if it puts the team over 9 players. (For example if you have 7 players and
pickup two players and then one of your guys shows up, one of the pickup players must quit, if two of your
actual team members show up both must stop playing.)

If an actual team member shows up they just simply take the pickup players spot in the lineup. If the actual
team member shows up late and only gives the team 9 players they are just put at the bottom of the lineup.
There is no penalty for picking up players. These count as official games.

This applies to regular season games only. This WILL NOT count for End of the Season tournament games.
Any request for using this rule for the Two Pitch Tournament will need to be approved by all active team
captains on that day.

23.        Official game starting time will be established by the umpire and both managers.  Five (5) minutes  
will be allowed between each game for the purpose of getting organized and ready for the next game.  
Late games should be ready to go immediately following the early games.

24.        A team must play all eligible players up to 10 in their lineup (meaning if they have 10 players, all 10
must be in the lineup, they can’t place only 8 or 9 in the lineup and keep one as a substitute.  
        d)If a team starts the game with 8 or 9 players, there is no automatic out rule.  If they lose a player due
to ejection or injury and they fall below 8 players, then the game is declared a forfeit at that time.  If a team
starts with 9 or more players and loses one to injury, they can continue playing with one less player with no
automatic out.  If the team starts with 9 players and loses one due to ejection, then the automatic out rule
applies to that player’s position in the lineup.  If a team adds an EH in the 11th-15th spots in the lineup and
has no substitutes, and an ejection occurs, then that player’s spot in the batting lineup will become an
automatic out.  For example, Team A starts with 2 EH and a 12 man batting lineup.  They have no substitutes
and a player is ejected, leaving only 11 players.  They cannot drop to a 11 man lineup, but must retain a 12
man lineup and incur an out when the ejected player’s spot in the lineup comes around.  If another player
subsequently shows up, that player can then be inserted into the ejected players batting spot.

25.        All regular season games will be subject to the twelve (12) run rule.  These "mercy rules" will take
effect if one team leads another by the number of runs designated to qualify for the early completion of the
game, and the minimum number of innings for a legal game have been played.  Five complete innings shall
be considered a complete game, or if the home team has scored more runs in four or more innings than
the visiting team has scored in five or more innings.  There is no “mercy rule” prior to the fifth (5th )
inning.  ASA rules allow a game to be called after three if a team is up 20 or more runs and after four
innings if a team is up by 15 runs.  These rules will not apply in this league and for the regular season 12
runs up after 5 innings will be used vice the ASA rule of 10 after five.  The 10 after five innings will be used
for tournament play.

26.        JACK HELLER Rule - Any team who has a player or players capable of playing in the field or as an
extra hitter (EH), but who has trouble running, may designate a substitute runner.  This rule will apply at
anytime during the game in which a player is injured or becomes injured and is unable to run the bases,
but is able to continue playing the field and hit (for example, catcher, first baseman, pitcher).  Once Jack
Heller rule has been declared for a player, that player will have a pinch runner for the remainder of the
game.  If a team knows that a player will require a pinch runner via this rule, they should declare it prior to
the player’s first official at bat.  Once declared, the player that Jack Heller Rule has been declared may only
advance to first base on any ball that does not clear the fence.  All other players on base may advance as
many bases as possible until time has been called by the umpire.  If the player with the Jack Heller Rule
declared hits the ball over the fence (Home Run), he is awarded a “walk off” home run and all base
runners score.  If he hits a ground rule double (ball bounces over the fence), he is awarded a double and
the pinch runner will go to second base instead of first.  All other base runners are allowed to move up
two bases. A pinch runner can be inserted for that player at the time that the player requests a pinch
runner.  The pinch runner must be a substitute from the bench.  If there are no substitutes available, then
the player that made the last out for the team will be the pinch runner.  Pinch runners allowed under this
rule are not considered substitutes.  IT IS THE EXPECTATION OF THE LEAGUE THAT THIS RULE WILL NOT BE

27.        The umpire must verify the correct scores for both games in the scorebook and sign and print his
name in each manager’s book.  Managers of both teams and the umpire of the doubleheader are to meet
after the prayer at the conclusion of the second game to verify scores and sign the scorebook.  Scores
must be emailed via the new Web-based form within 24 hours of the completion of games using the Web
address at http://www.gandg.us/fcsl.  BOTH TEAMS MUST REPORT THE GAME RESULTS TO THE LEAGUE
SCOREBOOKS ARE IDENTIFIED. Failure to submit scores by the following Wednesday results in loss of .2
towards your sportsmanship ranking.

28.        All games will be played with each batter having a 1-1 count against him when stepping up to the
plate.  No courtesy foul will be allowed.  If a player has two strikes on him and hits a foul, then the player
will be declared out and a strikeout recorded in the scorebook.

29.        There shall be a limit of four home runs (over the fence) per team per game, and all subsequent
home runs hit shall be counted as a single base hit.  In the event a batter hits a home run after the limit
has been reached, that batter (now a runner) shall be treated as though they have just walked.  Thus,
existing runners on base may only advance if "forced" to do so. (Example: If an over-the-limit homer is hit
with a runner already on first, the runner on first shall advance to second and the batter shall advance to
first.  If there is already a runner on second, that runner shall not advance, and the batter shall advance to
first.) Unless: a) If one team reaches the home run limit, the opposing team is allowed an additional home
run using a "one-up" rule, which shall continue for the duration of the game. (Example: If Team A hits 4
home runs, Team B will be allowed 5 home runs.  If Team B then hits a fifth home run, Team A will be
allowed 6 home runs, etc.) b) If a Team reaches their home run limit, and then hit home runs that are ruled
singles, those singles may not be overturned when the opposing team then reaches their "one-up" limit.
(Example: If Team A hits 4 homers, they will only be allowed subsequent homers after Team B reaches their
limit of 5 home runs.)

30.        The ASA adopted rule allowing stealing will not be implemented in this league.  No stealing will be

31.        Per ASA guidelines the pitcher may pitch up to 6 feet behind the mound as long as he is lined up
with the 24 inch mound and home plate.

32.        We will adopt the ASA pitching change of 6-10 feet arch.

33.        Any team forfeiting six (6) regularly scheduled games will be suspended for the balance of the
season and all previous results of games played by the suspended team will continue to be included in
Team Records/Team Standings.  Any remaining games on the league schedule for the suspended team will
be considered a bye week for the opposing team.   

34.        Starting in 2012 if the county supplies the double bags at first base we will only follow the ASA rules
in regard to when a play is being made at first. If the batter hits a ball in the infield and there is going to be
a play at first, the runner must only touch the orange part of the bag or will be called out. When a play is
being made a first the first baseman must only touch the white part of the bag or the batter will be safe
regardless of whether the throw beats the runner. If there is no play at first or if a runner is rounding the
bases they can touch either bag and not be called out. We feel there is no advantage to allowing the
runner to hit the orange bag when rounding as it is further to go.

35.        Speed up rules apply. Players should hustle on and off the field between innings all game. Stalling
is prohibited as a method of winning. If a out of the park home run is hit all runners and the batter should
immediately exit the field, no need to touch first base. Intentional walks can be given by pointing to first
and informing the umpire that you are putting the batter on. At anytime during the game a team can forfeit
their own outs in order to complete an inning by telling the umpire verbally.

36.        The use of foul language, tobacco, drugs or alcoholic beverages by players or church spectators is
prohibited.  If any adverse incident or violation of the aforementioned league policies is reported to a
manager, he is (or both managers are) to handle it immediately and bring it to resolution.  If unable to do
so, the game should continue and the incident reported to the league commissioner, who will decide on
appropriate action.  Should an appropriate resolution not be arrived at, then the league commissioner
shall refer the incident to the League Protest Committee for action.

37.        Each team player must wear appropriate pants and shirt or regular ball uniform.

38.        No metal spikes allowed.

39.        Softballs to be used are Dudley Synthetic-cover softballs, .52 core 320 compression.  One new ball
will be provided by the home team for each game. Beginning with the 2010 season the FCSL will switch to
the Yellow Softballs in order to promote visibility.

40.        The league shall maintain a Zero Tolerance Policy regarding the use of alcohol and/or drugs while
players within the league are within the premises of a County or City Park containing fields for the purpose
of playing games of the Frederick Christian Softball League.  Any documented incidents of such behavior
by a player or players of a particular team will result in the removal of that team from the league
immediately.  If a team is dismissed for that reason, their record at the time of dismissal will stand;
however, all remaining games for that team will be forfeited for the remainder of the season.  
Documentation of such an incident is required before a team may be removed, in the form of a citation.  A
citation shall consist of acknowledgement of the incident by: a) Two or more managers or coaches from the
Frederick Christian Softball League; b) One Manager and one League Officer of the Frederick Christian
Softball League; c) The combination of any two of a League Manager, League Officer or League Umpire on
the premises; or d) An official citation for use of the banned substance issued by a law enforcement
agency.  All citations are to be reported to the League Commissioner for action within 24 hours of the

41.        If an incident occurs that warrants ejection, then the player ejected shall be suspended for the
remainder of the game in which he was ejected, plus the next two games played by his team.  On a case-by-
case basis, a second ejection and/or infraction involving the same player will result in the suspension of
that player from the league for the remainder of the regular season and all tournament games.  All
ejections shall be reported to the League Commissioner.

42.        If a manager has a concern regarding the conduct or actions of the opposing team, he shall
approach the manager of the opposing team and attempt to resolve the issue one-on-one with that
manager.  If the conflict is still not resolved to that manager’s satisfaction, then that manager shall report
the offense to the league as a "citation."  The League Commissioner shall notify the team cited, and if that
team receives three citations within a season, they shall be removed from the league upon the occasion of
their third citation.  That team’s record to that point shall stand, but all subsequent games and tournament
games shall be declared forfeits.  The league may decide upon reinstatement the following

43.        All bats are to be compliant within ASA rules.  The banned bat list, available from the ASA website,
http://www.softball.org/about/certified_equipment.asp is adopted by the league.  If a question arises about
the legal usage of a bat, beyond those that have been defined in the attached list or in compliance with
ASA rules, it shall be brought to the attention of the League Commissioner for review and appropriate
action.  Under the ASA guidelines, bats must meet the following requirements:
i.  Must bear either the ASA approved 2000 certification mark or the ASA 2004 certification mark as shown
below, and must not be listed on an ASA non approved list, or

ii.  Must be included on a list of approved bat models published by the ASA National Office; or
iii.  Bats manufactured prior to 2000 will be grandfathered in and allowed; however, both managers and the
umpire must agree to allow use under the discretion that if tested, the bat would comply with the ASA bat
performance standards if they had been in effect then.  If the three agree to allow, the bat is allowed for
both games of the doubleheader.  If the three can not agree, the bat is not allowed.  If not allowed, the
team can contact the League Commissioner for a ruling.  If the League Commissioner allows, all teams and
the umpire’s association will be notified.All bats in FSCL play must have either passed the ASA 2004 bat
standard (ASA Certified 2004); pass ASA 2000 bat standard and listed on the approved ASA list; or have a
recertified stamp and listed on the approved ASA list.  The ASA list is subject to change over the course of
the season as bats are randomly tested.  The list will be reviewed monthly by the League Commissioner.  
Any bat that shows up on the list, but was not on the list at the beginning of the season, will be suspended
from use for the remainder of the season, effective immediately.All wooden bats will continue to be
approved for League play regardless of whether they bear an ASA approved certification mark or are
included on a list of approved bats published by the ASA National Office.

44.        If there is a tie at the end of the regularly scheduled games, the first place team will be determined
by one or more of the following tie-breakers, in order: 1) Head-to-Head Win/Loss, 2) Intra-Divisional
Record, 3) Record vs. Common Opponents, 4) Least runs allowed.  Tournament seedings for the end of
season tournament will be based first upon the records of the two division winners, then seeded after that
based upon regular season record.  In the event of a tie between two teams, the aforementioned
tiebreaker system shall be used.

45.        One Pitch format will change for 2011. The One Pitch tournament will change to a Two Pitch
Tournament in the following manner. The Pitcher has two opportunities to throw a strike. If the Pitcher
throws a strike on either the first or second pitch regardless of whether the batter swings it will be
recorded as a strikeout. There is no courtesy foul. The batter will only receive a walk if two balls are
thrown. This is intended to eliminate walks and promote hitting. This is for 2011 only and will be
reevaluated by all teams and voted on at 2012 coaches meetings.

46.      All tournament games will be subject to the 10-run rule.  These "mercy rules" will take effect if one
team leads another by the number of runs designated to qualify for the early completion of the game, and
the minimum number of innings for a legal game have been played.  Five complete innings shall be
considered a complete game, or if the home team has scored more runs in four or more innings than the
visiting team has scored in five or more innings.  There is no “mercy rule” prior to the fifth (5th ) inning.  
ASA rules allow a game to be called after three if a team is up 20 or more runs and after four innings if a
team is up by 15 runs.  These rules will not apply in this league and for the regular season 12 runs up after
5 innings will be used vice the ASA rule of 10 after five.  The 10 after five innings will be used for
tournament play.
Similarly, if anyone competes as an athlete, he does not receive the victor's crown unless he
competes according to the rules.  -  2 Timothy 2:5